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  • Going to the formal | E-cigarette national standards are coming

    According to the official website of the National Standardization Management Committee, the national standard for e.........

  • Vape Expo Shanghai 2018

    This year’s largest e-cigarette themed exhibition in east China, Vape Expo Shanghai, will be held from July.........

  • How VAZO e-cigarette has become the benchmark for e-cigarette fashion

    The word "fashion" has become the trend of the world. The English word for fashion is almost always attached to.........

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    Continuing the cross-century American brand legend
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  • Can VAZO take the plane?

    Under normal circumstances, VAZO products can be brought on a plane,But due to the different security checks at different airports, it is suggested to inquire in advance at the relevant airports.

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    Scratch the layer, scan the code and enter the query code to check the authenticity.

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    Minors, alcohol allergy, heart disease, hypertension, respiratory diseases and pregnant women during pregnancy and lactation are strictly prohibited.

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